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How To Create Content That Supports Public Relations In Poland?

Updated: Jan 21

The main job of PR specialists is to communicate simultaneously with the brand’s customers and journalists from the client’s industry. Creating content that appeals to journalists on the one hand and is useful to customers on the other is not easy. How do we effectively create quality content tailored to clients' needs and build an expected image and brand awareness? Here are some rules you should stick to when doing PR campaigns in Poland.

Journalists – the best brand advocates

Both content activities and public relations in Poland should start with developing a strategy. That job is for a professional PR agency in Poland: PR specialists define the brand’s goals, a path to achieve them, and the best ways to measure KPIs. In this entire process, we should not forget about journalists. Journalists and brand’s customers have entirely different interests, so our communication should be kept separate. However, it is important to remember that the journalist is an intermediary of our communication with a client. In a strategy-creating process, we must consider how to make him a populariser of good content about our brand.

Mention in gazette as a PR campaign result in Poland.

Striking the right balance in Public Relations in Poland

Content and PR in Poland are mutually beneficial. On the one hand, thanks to the content, the customer receives a dose of knowledge that he has been looking for; on the other hand, the company gains publicity and brand awareness. But how to balance these activities at the stage of creating a content strategy? All should begin with understanding our customers’ shopping journey: that means exanimating all the steps the customer takes from the moment he comes across the brand until closing the purchase. If we notice that education is an essential factor in this journey (the customer searches for many sources of information before buying - not only about the product but about the entire industry as well), giving him knowledge is the brand’s responsibility.

Give first, then ask

If we stick to the principle of “give first, then ask” in our PR activities, we create a solid foundation for the brand image. However, it is worth remembering that the content we give to our clients must meet their needs. If we overwhelm customers with useless content (or content that is inadequate to their actual stage on the shopping journey) - even long-term actions will not bring the expected results. It is the most common mistake of many brand owners. As a result, they start to think that content creation does not work, and they shift the budget to other areas. It’s a pity - when creating valuable content, we work on a long-term change. At the same time, we support sales and build a brand’s image.

Example of gift box for a PR campaigns in Poland.

Searching for content topics – the best tools for PR in Poland

In brand communication, there are two types of content: the one for search engines and the other, more creative content. The first one we can find on company blogs or in sponsored articles sent to different websites. When we look for content ideas, we need to analyse what our customers are looking for on the Internet. Several tools can help us: Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Quora-like websites. In Google’s own tools, we can find a lot of inspiration. We should always analyse the keywords our readers are looking for and what questions they ask in the search engine. Quora, in turn, is a great way to learn about current customer trends.

Creative content campaigns in Poland

The second type of content is where adaptation to SEO (search engine optimization) is not as important as the brand’s creativity. Making content (both written and video content) requires creativity and an idea that will stick in the minds of recipients. The activities of the Polish brand Allegro are a perfect example of this type of creative content. For years the brand has been famous for very original videos, which in the long term were building a solid image (look at one of the brand’s projects called ‘Polish Legends’).

Moreover, Allegro consciously creates practical content written by experts. It is a fantastic inspiration for how to combine image building with sales supporting and Google positioning.

What to remember when creating content

When we already have a strategy, as well as thought-out topics for content, we need to remember a few rules of web writing (writing for the Internet). First of all, the most important thing is the appropriate structure of the text - it should correspond to how people read on the Internet today. The structure should be easy to scan on both mobile devices and desktop. Paragraphs must be short and provided with proper headings and subheadings. It is especially significant for the content sent to journalists, where the inappropriate appearance of the text may result in its automatic rejection. It is worth keeping this in mind.

Creating content is a great way to support public relations activities and brand promotion in Poland. However, without the right strategy that defines goals, thematic scope, and KPIs, writing content does not make sense and can quite effectively discourage further PR activities.

Before choosing specific tactics for your campaign, it is worth seeking advice from an experienced consultant. Feel free to request a free consultation with the experts at Awesome PR girls using the button below.


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