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How to Promote a Foreign Food Product in Poland?

Updated: Jan 21

Do you have a great food product that you’re planning to introduce to the Polish market? Don’t act too quickly - a good promotional plan is essential for effective sales in the food industry. If you want to learn step-by-step how to promote a food product in Poland, keep reading!


What should you consider when creating a promotional plan?

Numerous factors need to be considered. Here are a few of the most important ones, written from the perspective of experts in PR FMCG in Poland:


Latest data and statistics to promote a foreign food product in Poland

Before you start selling, you need to know who you want to sell to. Here are some important data that are worth knowing before starting:

  • The main purchasing factor is a recommendation from a friend or family member (77% of Poles).

  • 59% of Poles claim that the factor that influences them to change usually purchased brands is the information in the store (e.g., a poster). Its effectiveness is comparable to TV programs, press articles, online ads, TV, and social media.

  • Due to inflation 82% of Poles buy fewer products than before.

  • In 2022, 42.6% of Poles spent 1000-2500 PLN per month on food.

  • Over 14% of Poles do grocery shopping online.

  • Among Polish retail chains, Biedronka has the highest recognition. LIDL, Kaufland, and Dino are next on the list.

Local trends and preferences

Just because a brand or product achieved success on the American or Asian market, it does not necessarily mean that the same strategy will lead to an identical outcome in Poland.


Some of the latest trends in PR in the food sector in Poland:

  • Reducing meat consumption

  • Healthy ready meals

  • Organic farming

  • High-protein products

  • Eco-friendly products and packaging

  • The increasing importance of sustainable development



There are a lot of local food brands on the Polish market that have great trust among customers. In recent years, the trend of choosing food products from Polish entrepreneurs and farmers is only growing stronger. Poles appreciate Polish bread, cold cuts, fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. It is difficult for foreign brands to compete in these areas with Polish companies.  


Communication localization

Without analysing customer buying behaviours, researching the media market, or popular social media platforms, it’s hard to build an effective brand communication strategy.


Create a communication strategy based on answering the following questions:

  • What do you want to achieve and in what timeframe?

  • Who exactly is your customer in Poland?

  • What distinguishes your products on the Polish market?

  • What budget do you have?


PR campaigns in Poland

Regardless of whether you are just planning to enter the Polish market with your product, or whether you are already on it – professional PR in Poland is essential for success.


It is worth distinguishing several types of PR here:

  • B2B PR - aimed at distributors (it’s important if you sell products online you want to enter large stores).

  • B2C PR - building a positive image in the eyes of potential consumers.

  • Media relations - contacts with journalists in Poland (both from industry media and general media used by customers, e.g., women’s press or sports magazines).


Example of PR article in Poland
Example of PR article for our client


The most effective PR for food brands in Poland includes tools such as:

  • Press releases

  • Events

  • Social media communication

  • Content marketing (videos, recipe blogs, YouTube channels)


Video content that promotes a foreign food product in Poland

For many years, video has been one of the fastest-growing marketing trends. The number of platforms and available formats is constantly increasing, as are the audiences who prefer audio-visual content over written one. Research doesn’t lie: our brains process images 60 times faster than text. 76% of marketers use video format in their content campaigns in Poland.


A good video should include three key elements:

  1. Story - a great ad script is the first step in creating a viral video.

  2. Emotions - make people laugh or cry, amaze them, scare them, and sometimes even annoy them. In promoting products, any emotion is better than being boring.

  3. Brand character - the video should be tailored to the target group and consider the brand's unique philosophy.



Social media

When it comes to social media campaigns in Poland, a well-thought-out concept and synergy of available tools are essential. You cannot assign communication on Facebook to one marketing agency and TikTok to a completely different one. Of course, strategies on different platforms may differ slightly, but they should be complementary when you promote a foreign food product in Poland.


Which social media platforms will work best in Poland? There is no rule. With products targeted strictly at women or athletes, Instagram would be a brilliant tool. Goods for younger audiences (e.g., candies, snacks) should be shown on TikTok, those targeted at gamers (e.g., ready meals) - on YouTube, and those for people over 50 - on Facebook. However, this is not a principle that must be strictly followed in every case.


An example of communication of the Fanta in social media.
An example of communication of the Fanta in social media.


Here are some tips on food brand communication on social media:

  • Educate, inspire, and show how to use the product – for example, through food recipes.

  • Build a community – organize challenges, contests, and campaigns that will strengthen the relationship between the audience and the brand.

  • Use real-time marketing – refer to current events, especially those from pop culture.


Influencers and opinion leaders

People who share their lifestyle and knowledge on the internet are an integral part of Polish social media. Use them as an effective way to promote a product, particularly if it’s aimed at younger customers.


Instagram post in cooperation with Polish food influencer.
Influencer marketing in Poland: example of our work.


Collaborating with influencers builds a positive image of the product and helps reach audiences who may never have come across the brand in a store. Successful influencer marketing campaigns in the Polish food industry can be multiplied. It’s worth not being afraid of solutions that go beyond the norm and target narrow niches. As an example, check out the Monte Snack campaign featuring Polish gamers:



Event marketing to promote a foreign food product in Poland

Events – both online and offline – serve several important purposes:

  • Help to directly gain customers – for example, by selling products at trade fairs or events.

  • Strengthen the brand’s exposure – the more consumers encounter the brand, the greater the chance they will reach for it.

  • Build a specific brand image – just think about Red Bull events and the consistent image they have created over the years.

  • Provide space for communicating social responsibility in business – for example, by sponsoring charity events.


An example of a Polish event of the Red Bull brand.
An example of a Polish event of the Red Bull brand.


Test different types of events:

  • Own events – e.g., product launches.

  • Trade fairs and conferences.

  • Sponsorship of sports or music events (just look at the success of Sanah’s collaboration with the Sokołów brand).

  • Title sponsorship.



PR in Poland - press and influencer culinary workshops
Polish event marketing example of the Tabasco brand.


Promoting a foreign food product requires a strategic approach considering the Polish market’s unique characteristics and cultural nuances. By combining digital marketing tactics, working with influencers, and hosting events, brands can effectively raise product awareness and establish a strong presence on the market.

Promoting a foreign food brand in Poland needs a strategic and targeted approach to the media. Effective media relations require honesty, sharing knowledge, and using various tools. If you want to know what tools work best for your brand, it is worth seeking advice from an experienced consultant specializing in media relations and influencer marketing in Poland.

Feel free to request a free consultation on PR in the food sector in Poland by using the button below.


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