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Our philosophy


How we can help you?

Awesome PR Girls may be your expert partner in Polish PR and influencer marketing. By understanding the strategy and the local vision, we build dedicated campaigns tailored to the client's needs and goals. We know that this directly influence the outcome and translate into long-term success.

Our portfolio includes successful campaigns for brands from 17 countries, such as the UK, USA, and Spain. We focus on industries like food, beauty, fashion, and various lifestyle sectors, ensuring each campaign is tailored to your unique needs.


Who handles the projects?

Why Awesome PR GIRLS? We knew from the very beginning that women would conquer the world. They are incredibly patient, hard-working, and organised. The number of things they manage to pull through in a day is impressive. Every single PR, marketing, social media, or digital specialist was strong, persistent, and fought hard for her success. Awesome PR girls is a place where we work in partnership – with our customers and each other. Once you enter into a contract, you will gain access to an experienced and stable team. Comprehensive business care 24/7.



Who we work with?

We don’t undertake all projects. We like brands with value, with a beneficial impact on health (physical and mental). We support eco-friendly businesses: clean labels, natural products; responsible businesses with a smart approach to food, beauty, and self-care. We aim to promote ‘good’ brands. We implement projects with a number of partners, and we don’t exclude anyone. To us, you are a hero with a great story to tell. We are just here to help you spread the good stuff across Poland.

How do we operate?

We do not help all companies. Each service is preceded by an analysis of the situation, which makes it possible to determine whether our competence can achieve the KPI's. This guarantees the high quality of the services provided, customer satisfaction and a measurable financial effect of the cooperation.


Why work with PR girls?



Each of us has at least 10 years of experience in running foreign brand campaigns on the Polish market. Every Awesome PR girl is an expert in her field. She knows which solutions are verified, and she knows the right people, journalists, and influencers. She can easily suggest where the brand should be visible. This means you receive a wealth of knowledge as a ‘bonus’ during our partnership.



We overcome language barriers, clarify cultural differences, and pair suitable implementations with the right people. We explain, recommend, advise and help with localisation. We aim to help you convey a clear, concise, effective message.



We are highly communicative, and we love working with partners from new countries. As a small PR agency, we are efficient at work, open to new ideas and boast operational flexibility.



We continue to focus on win-win situations in our relationships with partners as well as subcontractors. We believe that best results are achievable only when all parties are pleased and satisfied with the partnership.

Awesome PR girls will help you with public relations in Poland, publicity and marketing consultancy; advertising in print and online (creative + media planning and buying); digital and mobile marketing; social media management in Poland, blogs, and content marketing.Professional advice on how to promote products and services to Polish consumers; Support copywriting in Polish and translations; Video production for social media channels; Influencer marketing in Poland. We are a boutique PR agency in Poland.

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