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Influencer Marketing Campaigns In Poland – Why Is It Worth It?

Influencer marketing has been developing for several years since it started to be such a powerful source for marketers to collect leads and build brand awareness. Influencer marketing in Poland is regularly growing expressively, bringing financial and image profits to the brands. Why is it worth running such a campaign with Polish influencers?

Viral possibilities

An influencer that is well-matched to the campaign and the brand's philosophy, as well as an attractive, creative idea, can provide a big buzz. Especially if the advertisement contains the person currently on top. Such a campaign is the number one topic, not only for the marketers but also for the public - fans of influencers and a wide range of other people that can be potential customers. This was the case of cooperation between the clothing brand NA-KD and Polish celebrity – Julia Wieniawa.

The brand proposed her to create her own signed collection. Wieniawa also appeared as a model in the promotional photoshoot and advertising video. The campaign targeted the Polish client – a young, modern woman. Right after the outbreak of publicity, the Polish fashion section on YouTube was all about reviewing clothes from the collection.

Precise access to the target group

Influencer marketing gives excellent opportunities to reach recipients precisely. We can define the audience in the case of cooperation with the Polish influencers from one specific niche, who direct their content individually to a specific target group. Online health food shop BioIndygo cooperates with specific, niche YouTubers for a long time. One of many examples is Polish influencer Karolina Sobańska, who shares her eating habits and vegan recipes with her audience. The brand sends her boxes with its products, she reviews them on her channel, giving her audience a special discount from the store:

Make-up and beauty niche looks pretty the same. Many brands, both Polish and foreign, bet on collaborations with YouTubers focused on the beauty world. Here is one of the example:

Reach to Z Generation

This is a significant factor for brands that target young Polish customers. Generation Z (people born after 1995) react to advertising messages differently than older generations. They spend a lot of time on social media, so it can be the best platform to reach them. However, it is relevant to remember that they are much more sensitive and advertising-resistant. They also use media differently.

Due to those facts, the great idea for the campaign directed to Polish teenagers may be an influencer marketing campaign. We see more and more teenage stars and influencers, followed by thousands of young Poles. Persona well-matched to the brand's philosophy and the campaign's creation perfectly fitted to the audience can be the recipe for success (impossible to fulfil by traditional ad). This is also a great way to expand your current target to younger customers.

This is exactly what 4F clothing brand achieved by cooperation with Polish influencer littlemooonster96.

The ability to measure the effects of a campaign

Is it possible to measure the influencer marketing campaign results, or is it just a myth? This is probably the most common doubt we encounter when considering the actual effectiveness of those activities. Here is the answer: well-designed (from the very beginning) campaign with previous estimations, a sufficient budget and a precisely defined target group, and requirements for the influencer is easy to measure. A helpful way to measure the results can be, for example, discount codes that an influencer gives to his audience with sponsored content. By using them, the brand can monitor how many people actually made a purchase using the code from a particular influencer. That is what fashion brand Karko did in cooperation with Polish influencer – YouTuber TheOleskaaa, giving her viewers a 15% discount on clothes:

So, answering the question if it is worth running influencer marketing campaigns in Poland - of course, it is! Poles (especially young) spend more and more time on the Internet, leaving television and other media far behind. This marketing type should definitely be considered by all brands targeting the young Polish generation – people that make many purchasing decisions via the internet and under the influence of the people they follow. However, you have to remember that influencer alone is not enough. The campaign must be engaging and attractive to potential customers, well-targeted, and all the effects should be measured.

Are you looking to tap into the power of influencer marketing in Poland? Look no further! Our team at Awesome PR Girls is a boutique Polish PR agency specializing in influencer marketing. We are dedicated to helping your brand succeed and are always ready to lend a hand. If you have any questions or would like to get started, don't hesitate to reach out to us at We can't wait to work with you and help your brand shine!


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