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How to Plan an Effective PR Campaign for Beauty Products in Poland?

Updated: Jan 21

The cosmetics market in Poland is experiencing dynamic growth. Currently, it is worth over 31 billion PLN, and experts predict further increases of up to 5%. Capturing customers’ attention and establishing loyalty is difficult in today’s competitive environment. How can you efficiently conduct a PR campaign in the Polish beauty industry to ensure product awareness?

beauty products in Poland

Step 1: Market research and identifying the target audience for beauty PR in Poland

Knowing Polish beauty product customers' interests, needs, and behaviour is fundamental for any PR campaign in Poland.

Market research

Tools for market analysis, such as industry reports, competitive analysis, and market trends will be helpful. They provide information about the condition of the Polish cosmetics market, as well as customer needs. Take for example GfK Consumer Panel, Mintel, and Euromonitor International.

Find demographic data, such as age, gender, location, education, and income, to determine the target audience for your product. You can use statistical data from the GUS and demographic research conducted by research agencies.

It is also worth conducting independent research. This can include both qualitative and quantitative research, such as focus groups, individual interviews, and online surveys. Analysing trends on social media platforms, especially on Instagram and YouTube, is also beneficial. Automate these activities using analytical tools for social media, such as Sprout Social and media monitoring platforms like Brand24.

PR campaign for beauty products - identifying the target audience

It’s essential to understand your chosen target audience's values, interests, lifestyle, and purchasing preferences. Tools for creating buyer personas (such as HubSpot or Xtensio) can help you build a specific profile of potential customers and better understand them. Social media data analysis and online shopping behaviour analysis can be useful as well. Consulting professional research agencies or PR agencies with experience in market research and target audience identification can also be beneficial.

Step 2: Choosing communication channels for beauty PR in Poland

After identifying your target audience, it’s time to select communication channels. For beauty product PR campaigns in Poland, it’s best to focus on a combination of traditional and digital platforms.

Digital channels

Consider reaching industry media in Poland, beauty magazines, cosmetic bloggers, and beauty influencers. Maintaining an active presence on social media, especially Instagram and TikTok, is also a must. Implementing creative e-mail marketing can be another effective way to stay in touch with customers, and inform them about promotions, events, or offers.

Offline channels

Don’t forget about offline communication. Points of sale, where customers frequently interact with the brand, are particularly important. Invest in attractive displays, POS materials, and promotions targeted at customers in drugstores or pharmacies. Focus on exposure during industry-related events and trade shows. Such events can be excellent opportunities to showcase products and establish business contacts.

Step 3: Creating the message and engaging with the media

Use storytelling to present your story and incorporate visual elements such as photos and videos that capture attention.

Define your key messages

Determine key messages that emphasize the value of your products and differentiate them from the competition. Ensure that the messaging aligns with the major brand’s mission.

Prepare press materials

Create a press kit to provide information to the media. This should include a press release, brand and product information, visual materials, and contact details for media representatives. Ensure that the materials are well-formatted and readable.

Identify target media and journalists

Identify media outlets that apply to your audience. Focus on journalists and editors who specialize in beauty, cosmetics, and skincare topics. Send them personalized messages, presenting product information and offering collaboration opportunities for reviews or interviews. Promotional events where you can showcase your cosmetic products to media representatives also work amazingly.

Case study:

An interesting example of a successful PR campaign in Poland is the Freedom System by Inglot. The brand promoted its concept of creating individual eyeshadow palettes engaging Polish influencers, bloggers, journalists, and makeup artists.

example of PR beauty campaign in Poland

Step 4: creating a launch event for the beauty product in Poland

Organizing a product launch in Poland is a powerful way to build a connection with the brand and reach potential customers. Who should be invited to such an event? You should primarily include people who have a real influence on beauty trends – influencers from Poland, Polish bloggers, YouTubers, and journalists.

Rule number one: be unforgettable. Consider organizing workshops, makeup demonstrations, or educational panels with industry experts. Create a unique experience and allow attendees to try the products first-hand.

It’s also worthwhile to provide personalized gifts, such as product samples, branded merchandise, or shopping gift cards. Ensure guests can access product information, such as brochures or catalogues.

To engage your online community, actively share the event on social media. Create a dedicated hashtag, allowing guests to share their impressions easily. Consider contests or giveaways on social media as well. This is a reliable way to reward the online community and attract new followers.

Case study:

The CeraVe brand organized the #MoistruiseLikeaDream event. They invited the most famous American dermatologist on TikTok - doctorly, Polish dermatologists, brand ambassadors, as well as influencers. The social media coverage of the event speaks for itself.

Step 5: Collaborating with influencers and opinion leaders

Long-term influencer marketing campaigns in Poland can have a tremendous impact on promoting beauty products. Beauty influencers in Poland have a loyal following – people trust their opinions and are highly interested in the products recommended by their idols.

Remember to choose influencers who align with the brand’s values and have an authentic relationship with their audience. Influencers should be committed to specific actions, such as product reviews, Instagram stories, dedicated YouTube videos, tiktoks, or product tests on Polish blogs.

Case study:

Maybelline often uses creative PR boxes in cooperation with Polish influencers. Here is an example of a gift sent on the occasion of the launch of the brand’s new makeup foundation.

example of PR beauty campaign in Poland

For dermatological or skincare brands, collaborating with professionals can also be a brilliant solution. Dermatologists, cosmetologists, and other skin experts can share their knowledge with your customers. Such a move significantly enhances the brand’s credibility.

Remember that professional PR in Poland is not a short-term endeavor. A public relations campaign needs consistent work to build brand recognition and relationships with media and influencers.

Before choosing specific tactics for your campaign, it is worth seeking advice from an experienced consultant. Feel free to request a free consultation with the experts at Awesome PR girls using the button below.


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