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What Type of Content is The Most Effective in Promoting Beauty Products in Poland?

Updated: Jan 21

Polish consumers are bombarded with thousands of beauty ads every day. As a result, they are less and less susceptible to advertising and brand communication. What helps a brand stand out in a crowded market and get the exposure you need? A good content.

But what actually is ‘good content’? What type of content works most effectively in promoting beauty products for Poles? How to create it to increase interest in products?

Product photos

It won’t be anything new if we say that people buy with their eyes. You can create the best facial cream in the world – but if you don’t show it, it’s unlikely that anyone will trust you. The most significant cosmetic brands invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in professional branding and then thousands more for professional product photoshoots. Why? It just works. Good photos are a solid base for further marketing activities. You can use them in product catalogues, on the website, on posters, and social media campaigns in Poland.

beauty products
Promoting beauty products in Poland

What to focus on when photographing cosmetic products for the Polish market?

  • Make sure the brand’s social media feed looks consistent. It is worth planning it at the photoshoot stage, but the aesthetic organization of individual posts can be planned in apps such as Preview, Planoly or Unum.

  • Being natural works – especially in content campaigns promoting beauty products in Poland. There is a massive trend for natural-looking product photos with as little editing as possible. Stop removing pores on the models’ skin, and instead of false eyelashes, show how your mascara really looks on people.

Educational content

Ever since the slogan ‘content is a king’ spread among experts from marketing and public relations in Poland and everyone started to create content, hardly anyone remembers that content should bring value. Customers are flooded with beauty tips, which not only don’t work but sometimes can be even harmful. So, what can you do as an expert? Debunk popular myths, educate your audience, and bring people quality – without being too pushy.

What type of educational content to create and where to post it?

  • A company blog in the Polish language is a great way to combine valuable knowledge with SEO support. A lot of content has already been created on cosmetic topics – so invest in comprehensive, lengthy articles. You can also start a YouTube channel where experts (dermatologists and make-up artists) will appear as guests.

  • Educating on Instagram campaigns in Poland is another brilliant and increasingly popular way to attract Polish customers interested in valuable content.

An example of an educational post on the BasicLab Instagram profile

  • You can establish cooperation with the press and focus on media relations in Poland. Sponsored articles are one of the most effective PR tools in the beauty sector.

Brand stories promoting beauty products in Poland

You should probably know that your customers are affected by banner blindness (i.e., the involuntary ignoring of anything that looks like advertising on the internet). What sells nowadays is a good story. Marketers have not fully exploited storytelling in the Polish beauty industry. Spend your time and energy creating a complete, exciting story about the brand, its founders, or its mission.

Where to tell stories about the brand?

  • A company website is an excellent example of owned media where you impact how we present the brand. If you need to promote beauty products in Poland, use storytelling in the ‘about us’ tab, blog, and other (equally effective!) places, i.e., product descriptions. Who said product descriptions need to be short and boring?

An example of storytelling in a product description in a Zojo Elixirs
Example of our work for beauty brand.

  • Although Polish social media are full mostly of short content, it is still a great platform for storytelling. People come to Instagram or YouTube to see authentic examples and stories of how beauty products work. Create ‘case studies’, showing the real effects of your cosmetics.

  • Use the power of Insta Stories and show the real brand’s faces. Nothing is more authentic than a founder or a person from the marketing department who shows the brand’s mission from the inside.

Product reviews

Social proof is one of the more powerful psychological principles that work in marketing. As humans, we naturally trust concepts, actions, or brands when we see that others trust them. This is why we believe in the power of recommendations. It’s hard to find better use of recommendations in the beauty world than good old product reviews. In Poland, cosmetic reviews have always been one of the most watched types of digital content on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

How to use reviews to promote a cosmetics brand?

  • Cooperate with Polish influencers. Find a few famous names from the beauty world and ask them to create a video or a post reviewing a product, line, or entire brand. If you're curious about the impact of working with a top beauty influencer in Poland, look no further than Ada's review - just one of the many success stories we've helped our clients achieve.

  • Plan a PR mailing – it can be a creative PR box with products sent to influencers or journalists from the Polish beauty industry. It’s a win-win situation. You can have your reviews, and they gain a great idea for content and an opportunity to share an exciting recommendation with their readers.

  • Take advantage of UGC! Use Insta Stories to share content made by your Polish customers who show your brand on their profiles. It is also worth adding in the ‘Story Highlights’ tab.

Video tutorials

Make-up tips, skincare routines, step-by-step guides – the possibilities for creative use of the power of tutorials are almost endless. Polish customers love them, and many beauty brands have introduced this content to their communication strategy. It’s a fantastic way to show the product less ‘invasively’ than in advertising.

How to use video tutorials to promote a cosmetics brand?

  • YouTube is best for longer tutorials. Poles are most likely to watch this type of content from popular influencers. However, videos where the creator makes a storytime and, in the meantime, shows a make-up tutorial, are also gaining more and more popularity. Feel free to use them, especially if you have a young audience that loses attention quickly.

  • Short tutorials (from several to 60 seconds) work best on TikTok and Instagram Reels. Remember to focus on dynamic editing – attract the attention of the audience and don’t bore them.

An example of a Reels tutorial made by Lamel in collaboration with influencer Fog in the garden
Example of our work for a beauty brand.

Match the content to the brand’s image, create a strong visual identification and communication strategy, take advantage of influencers and experiment – this is how we can summarise current trends in beauty content in Poland.

Before choosing specific tactics for your campaign, it is worth seeking advice from an experienced consultant. Feel free to request a free consultation with the experts at Awesome PR girls using the button below.

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