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Top Polish Fashion Influencers – How To Promote Fashion Brand Successfully?

Influencer marketing does not seem to get weaker. Brands, especially those big ones, but smaller as well, are eager to use influential people to promote their products. The most crucial aspect of influencer marketing is to choose influencer properly. If the decision is not right – the entire campaign won’t be successful and won’t reach the fitting audience (which will affect sales ultimately). In Poland, national and foreign brands use the power of influencer marketing willingly. Here are top fashion Polish influencers that are worth to cooperate with, being a clothing brand and some interesting campaigns they did:

Jessica Mercedes

She is actually the second (right after Maffashion) the most popular fashion influencer in Polish social media. At this moment, she has got almost 1 million followers on Instagram and cooperates with various brands (not only fashion ones). She has started her career as a fashion blogger, so most of her business collaborations are related to fashion or beauty world. One of the most impressive examples of such collaboration was the Top Secret campaign. Jessica Mercedes was the face of their summer collection called styled by Jessica Mercedes. Promotional photoshoot with her was taken on Greek island Santorini.

However, Jessica did not only appear as a model. Blogger was responsible for stylizations that we see on all the photos as well. The whole campaign drew attention on Top Secret brand in Poland and attracted women of all age. Selected clothes were so neutral that it can be worn by any woman.


She is a Polish fashion YouTuber (and a personal shopper) with over 100k followers on her channel. In her videos, she presents various lookbooks, fashion facts, discusses the hottest trends and presents the latest clothing purchases. Those videos are directed to women 30+, but product she shows are both luxury fashion brands and their much cheaper versions. At the end of last year, she presented her own shoes collection made in collaboration with the Polish brand PASO.

The RadzkaxPASO collection is concentrated on three shoe types: classic shuttles, rock boots, and classy sneakers.

The promotional photoshoot of the collection was made at the sweet-looking confectionery. All the fans were excited with this collection and the entire campaign, and the little-known brand has been noticed by a much wider group of potential customers.

Ekskluzywny menel

One of the most popular in Poland (if not the most popular) blogger and Polish fashion influencer who focuses on male clothing and lifestyle. At the moment, his Instagram profile is followed by over 60k people (men and women). His characteristic nickname and style that combines elegance and comfort have appealed to men of all ages. No wonder that brands decide to cooperate with him that often - not just fashion ones. Since we have spoken about Instagram, it is worth noting the great potential of this platform, especially in the fashion industry. One of the last cooperation of Ekskluzywny menel (which simply means Exclusive Tramp) was entirely Instagram-focused campaign. He has uploaded some photos wearing the watch from the Japan brand ORIENT.

This is one of many examples of this kind of Instagram campaign with his presence. The huge plus of such activities is a big engagement of influencers followers with relatively low costs. This brand shows us that we can create smaller influencer campaign that still will be noticed by the proper audience.


She is the author of a blog about personal style and minimalistic lifestyle. In addition to climatic photos on the blog, he also actively runs a profile on Instagram, where she has nearly 90 k followers. Her photos are always kept in a simple style, and her stylizations are in natural colors. It is a definite aesthetic profile that attracts not only fans of fashion but also photography enthusiasts. This minimalistic vibe was used in one of the Polish clothing brands Reserved campaign. She was invited to a campaign promoting one of the collections that perfectly fit into the clothes that Cajmel shows on her daily basis.

The central claim of this campaign was #LoveIsMyFetish. All the photos were made in climatic interiors and outdoors. We could see them not only on the brand's website but also on Cajmel's blog and Instagram as well.


He is one of the most characteristic Polish male fashion bloggers, who promotes the elegant style of clothing. He started his career by running a blog with advices, but he decided to focus on YouTube. Currently, there are over 20,000 viewers on Dandycore's channel. Most of Dandycore's cooperation with fashion companies are elegant and luxurious brands. One of YouTuber's collaborations with the clothing brand was a joint campaign with Lancerto. They created a video guide for men with tricks and rules on what to do to always look good. He explained all the basic principles of men's fashion. Everything on live examples of Lancerto products.

Some time ago, he significantly expanded his brand with co-workers. Currently, they own a company that provides branding and personal shopping services.

These were just a few examples of Polish fashion influencers presenting different environments and having different recipients. What is worth remembering when deciding to cooperate with the clothing influencer is a target group. You have to make sure that the target group of influencers is a group that you want to reach with your message. It is also not worth sending proposals to everyone. You should trace their actions, the style of both clothes and photos and consider whether the influencer will be potentially interested in such cooperation. If you need help in choosing the right Polish fashion influencer for your campaign and carry out a comprehensive marketing campaign, contact us:


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