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How to Build Relationships with Journalists and Influencers in the Beauty Industry in Poland?

Updated: Jan 21

Media relations have always been the pillar of good brand PR in Poland. What journalists – and, thanks to social media and influencers – write and say about a brand substantially impacts how potential customers perceive it. In the beauty industry, this is even more important. After all, the media and celebrities present the audience with new cosmetic trends and ‘determine’ what is hot and what is not.

How to build relationships with Polish journalists and influencers from the beauty industry? Here are some tips from an agency specialising in media relations in Poland!

Regular contact

Reaching industry media in Poland is not a sprint – it’s a marathon. Building solid beauty journalists and influencers contact list is just a small part of PR success. It’s even more important to cultivate the contacts you’ve already made. It means talking to them regularly, being friendly and not forgetting about them on occasions such as the launch of a new product or line.

Our tips:

  • Follow Polish industry journalists and influencers on social media. React to the content they share on an ongoing basis. Always remember to put some heart and like reactions.

  • You can invite them to a 1:1 meeting to show what you do and talk more about the brand face-to-face.

  • Be grateful for their publications and product reviews on Polish blogs, videos, or articles. Share their content on your Insta Story saying ‘thank you’.

magazines for the beauty industry in Poland

Providing valuable materials for the beauty industry in Poland

A well-prepared press release full of attractive materials is something that Polish beauty journalists love. Good content is the key: an attractive headline, an engaging lead, a valuable body, as well as a contact person. However, it’s worth adding something ‘extra’, such as photos, videos, infographics etc. In the case of online websites, add links to the brand’s social media posts that can be embedded directly in the article.

Our tips:

  • Instead of selling products, sell your knowledge. Polish beauty journalists will be much more willing to say something about your beauty brand when they see real value for their readers.

  • Use storytelling and relate to the brand using emotions. A coherent, engaging story is extremely desirable in the media, especially in the women’s press.

  • On the brand’s social media, publish visually attractive content that journalists will be happy to share.

example of an article about the florence by mills brand on the top-tier female portal in Poland
Example of our work

Organizing events and meetings

Events are one of the most popular and – at the same time – the most effective tools for offline PR in the Polish beauty industry. From our experience, the best occasion to organize an event for the press and influencers is... any occasion – product launch, new cosmetic line, or establishing new cooperation. Events combining entertainment elements with education and panel discussions are always a good idea. Depending on your niche, it is worth inviting experts to the event, e.g., professional dermatologists, make-up artists or famous hairdressers.

An example of a PR event in Poland
Example of our work

Our tips:

  • During events, remember about the appropriate setting – prepare a space for taking photos or creating Instagram Reels. This will encourage influencers to share content from the event and increase interest in the brand.

  • Don’t forget about gifts for your guests. The more creative they are, the greater the chance that influencers will boast about them on their social media.

  • Organize beauty courses (even online) and tell them more about professional makeup or skincare using your products.

1:1 meeting

There’s nothing wrong with inviting a journalist to a 1:1 meeting, whether it’s face-to-face or online. On the contrary, it is a fantastic opportunity to tell a story about your brand and establish valuable relationships with people who create Polish beauty trends. But remember: no professional will agree to a meeting when he feels someone wants to sell him something. Forget about expensive gifts – in Poland, they can be perceived as a form of bribery.

Our tips:

  • Don’t try to sell information. Tell a story instead.

  • Answer all questions and use simple language so the journalist doesn’t have to explain complicated cosmetic processes to his readers.

  • Follow the unspoken ‘three hours’ rule. If you promise to send something after the meeting, it’s best to do it no later than three hours.

Creative PR boxes

The beauty industry is one of the best industries for sending PR boxes to journalists and influencers: cosmetics, samples or gadgets related to the brand. Being able to touch beauty products, smell and test them personally makes any publications more honest and credible.

Our tips:

  • Make sure your gifts are personalized. The name and surname of the mailing recipient (or the nickname he or she use in social media) are essential. We recommend adding a short note referring to something related to them. So, go and follow them on social media right now!

  • Don’t beg for reviews or ask them to show packages on Instagram. They will do it themselves if they want to share them with their followers or readers.

  • Over time, some recipients of PR boxes may become natural brand ambassadors. This is the best (because 100% organic!) way to establish valuable long-term cooperation.

How to find and contact journalists and influencers in Poland?

Are you just entering the Polish beauty industry? Or maybe you’ve been here for some time, but you haven’t invested in media relations in Poland? It’s impossible without building a list of PR contacts at first.

See where to start your search:

  • Magazines and newspapers (including online websites), e.g., Vogue, Wysokie Obcasy.

  • TV and radio programs.

  • Beauty blogs (start with blog rankings).

  • YouTube channels (the beauty community on Polish YouTube is really strong).

  • Social media (check out the lists of the most popular beauty influencers or research using Instagram hashtags).

  • Facebook groups (many groups serve as a platform for establishing relationships between brands and creators).

Before choosing specific tactics for your campaign, it is worth seeking advice from an experienced consultant specializing in media relations and influencer marketing in Poland. Feel free to request a free consultation with the experts at Awesome PR girls using the button below.

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