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Industry: Beauty


Services: Influencers (Instagram, TikTok), photoshoot


Partner’s goals:

Soda Makeup is a make-up brand targeted at young women and teenagers. Their voice is direct and creative. The brand creates a positive and bold image. When Soda Makeup entered the Polish market, it needed more awareness to reach its target market. The second goal for our partner was to promote the brand launch across Rossmann PL drugstores (the most popular drugstore in Poland). This is not an easy task when there are already so many make-up brands on the market.



Our task was to plan and coordinate a collab with Polish influencers. We decided to reach out to some of the biggest influencers of the young generation from Instagram and TikTok (where our target audience was). We wanted to run a creative social media campaign (based on IG and TikTok) with high-profile names that would attract Polish teenage girls and encourage them to discover the new brand.



  • Supervising a TikTok and Instagram campaign with top three influencers: Maria Jeleniewska (13M on TikTok, 700k on IG), Kinga Sawczuk (5M on TikTok, 1 mln on IG), Marlena Sojka (8M on TikTok, 105k on IG).

  • Supporting our partner by tracking KPIs, providing expertise and Polish translations.

  • Planning a photoshoot from A to Z.

  • Planning a competition for Polish National Heroes.



  • Reached more than 8M (TikTok + Instagram) potential customers in 4 months

  • 1,2M views on one of our video materials (from the photoshoot) on Tik Tok.


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