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Industry: Beauty


Services: Influencer Marketing, Engagement, Traffic Direction


Partner’s goals:

The primary objective was to build brand awareness within the Polish market and promote the brand through social media channels, directing traffic towards the most popular online drugstores.



The challenge entailed creating a significant presence for the brand on social media and driving customer traffic to leading online drugstores, which are highly frequented shopping destinations for beauty products.



  • We have selected the best influencers for campaigns on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

  • Planned and executed campaign strategies based on Key Performance Indicators.

  • Managed campaign oversight, material approvals, KPI tracking, expert support, and translations.



  • We have reached over 50 influencers, resulting in publications with a total reach exceeding 2.8 million across four campaigns and three social media platforms.

  • A collaboration with a top influencer led to a sell-out of the product line at, a well-knownonline drugstore.


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