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Industry: Beauty / food


Services: PR, influencers


Partner’s goals:

When the representatives of Zojo Elixirs (a Polish brand that produces natural, GMO-free supplements) contacted us, they were just entering the market. They wanted to introduce a supefoods that support not only health but also beauty (products for body shaping, skin treatment, ageing prevention, etc.) to Polish women. Main threat: with inadequate PR campaigns or cooperation with untrustworthy influencers, the brand would be poorly received by Polish consumers, who are usually quite sceptical about new healthcare products.



Our main task was to plan a well-thought-out PR campaign. Exhibition activities for the brand (across female-focused press and influencer social media) had to be combined with educational content that builds trust. We also had to plan, organise, and manage a creative send-out for trade journalists.



  • Planning and preparing educational and complex materials on superfoods and „good” rituals.

  • Organising a creative send-out for media.

  • Managing media relations with consumer and trade media.

  • Influencer marketing tailored to the client’s budget.



  • 80+ product and contextual publications in beauty media within first 6 months of the campaign.


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