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Industry: Fashion


Services: PR, influencers


Partner’s goals:

The brand had just released a relaunch of its iconic shoe model – Puma Trinomix XT1 Plus, based on a technology that revolutionised the sports footwear market in the 1990s. They needed full support with PR activities on the Polish market. But how do you make Poles fall in love with shoes that were popular over 20 years ago?



Our PR communication could not be based solely on nostalgia. Unlike on the Western markets, in Poland, these shoes were not that well known to average consumers. To emphasise this model’s historical importance, first we had to research the so-called sneakerheads – influencers who base their activities on finding, buying, and collecting such shoes, and then sharing their collection with an audience. We had to establish a massive part of our activities based on their opinions.



  • Distribution of press materials, media relations, follow-up.

  • Collaboration with fashion influencers and so-called sneakerheads.

  • Invitation of special guests (media and influencers) to an exclusive small party in one of the trendiest footwear stores in Warsaw.



  • The project was a success; information about the new model of shoes and the event appeared on many blogs and thematic portals and directly reached trendsetters, trendwatchers and sneakerheads.

  • During a two-month project, we have collected about 60 clippings across press, online media, and social media.


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