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Industry: Fashion


Services: PR, influencers


Partner’s goals:

Our partner’s main goal was pretty simple: to build brand awareness on the Polish market. The company had almost 70 years of experience, and many trusted clients, but its presence on social media was not very extensive. The brand wanted to reach new target groups with PR activities and build awareness among a younger audience. All communication had to focus on men, as they were the key target group.



We offered the client activities focusing mainly on cooperation with male fashion influencers. This type of content is becoming more and more popular in Poland, and men of all ages follow the advice of fashion bloggers or YouTubers. The biggest challenge was to plan different creative concepts for collaboration with various influencers, as well as supervise campaigns, negotiations, approvals, and reports.



  • We have established cooperation with 6 top tier male fashion influencers in social media campaigns (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, InstaStories).

  • We planned the campaign and establishment of KPIs

  • We coordinated product publications in media: printed press and online articles.



  • 6 blog posts on the most prominent blogs focused on male fashion

  • 2 YouTube videos

  • 30+ posts across social media: Facebook, Instagram, InstaStories

  • Reached: 450k followers

  • Gained: 510k engagement


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