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Industry: Beauty


Services: PR, Social media, influencers, event management & photoshoot


Partner’s goals:

To enhance brand awareness within the Polish market through the promotion of the brand's launch in Rossmann drugstores in 2021, providing ongoing marketing support, and showcasing new product releases

in 2023.



  • Building a strong brand presence in the Polish market.

  • Successfully promoting the brand's launch and new product offerings in Rossmann, Poland's leading drugstore chain.



  • Executed comprehensive PR tactics, including regular pitches, press releases, native articles, media competitions, product testing, etc.

  • Conducted regular selection of influencers for barter and paid campaigns.

  • Planned and managed consumer events as well as media & influencer meetings to showcase new products.

  • Supervised the campaign, approved materials, monitored KPIs, and provided support through expertise and translations.



  • In 2022, we secured over 115 PR publications valued at approximately 1M PLN with an estimated reach of 42 million people, generating more than 145 social media publications and reviews from paid and barter collaborations with influencers.

  • Organized additional support activities with top-tier female and beauty media, including contests with Wizaz, Elle, and

  • Ensured Cantu's presence at their first event in Poland, targeting their core consumer group.

  • Organized meetings with media and influencers, resulting in over 45+ mentions of the brand across social media and online portals.

  • Managed numerous valuable collaborations with top-tier media in Poland, including native articles, competitions, video displays, and production of videos with influencers demonstrating product use and presenting new label redesign.


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