Statistics prove impressively how video is gaining importance in Polish social media marketing. On Instagram alone the playback time of videos has risen by 80% in comparison to last year and on Facebook sponsored video content was viewed 258 percent more. Overall about a third of all activity on social media channels consists of video consumption.

Since this trend is bound to continue it is worth including videos in your own social media marketing strategy in Poland. Some estimates say that next year already 80 percent of all traffic by consumers on social networks will be made up by videos.


We know that certain types of videos seem to perform better on social media, but what one audience likes won’t work for everyone, so when you’re trying to decide what video ideas might work best, don’t be afraid to mix it up and try different things to see what your audience responds to.


  • Interview or Q&A

  • Behind the scenes video

  • Produce feature or product video

  • Show your promo and deals

  • Show your services / menu / product

  • Show giveaways and contests

  • Announcements and reveals

  • Breaking news and trending

  • Tutorials and how-to

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