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Industry: Food


Services: PR, influencers, social media


Partner’s goals:

Tabasco is the most famous pepper sauce globally, with a nearly 150-year-old tradition. Now available in over 195 countries but well-known as a typically American product. Our partner’s main goal was to convince Polish consumers that their product will also work well in combination with Polish cuisine and Polish culinary trends.



It was not easy. Polish cuisine consists of very traditional, non-spicy foods. With the help of PR activities and influencer collaborations, we had to convince Polish consumers to experiment in the kitchen and open themselves up not only to the product itself, but also to new flavours and recipes from around the world. As such, it was necessary to strengthen communication by establishing constant media relations with Polish journalists. But the press was not our primary ‘tool’. We enlisted the help of culinary influencers. Culinary bloggers in Poland inspire trust and have a significant impact on what Poles eat.



  • Cooperation with about 20+ culinary bloggers from Poland.

  • Finding the brand ambassador – well known Polish Chef, Grzegorz Łapanowski (culinary journalist, celebrity).

  • Culinary workshops for Polish bloggers and media (consumer and trade).

  • A culinary product photoshoot incorporating traditional Polish food.

  • Creative send-outs to the food sector.



  • Collaboration with over 40 influencers from Poland: bloggers, vloggers, chefs, and celebrities.

  • The synergy of PR activities and influencer marketing resulted in almost 250 offline and online product publications and many positive reviews on blogs.

  • 11 publications in the printed press.

  • 233 publications online and on social media.


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